Captain Marvel : do you know who Stan Lee embodies in his cameo ? [SPOILERS]

As in all the feature films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe emerged from “Iron Man” in 2008, Stan Lee makes his traditional cameo, the first since his death in “Captain Marvel”. But have you noticed the wink that is done ? Chris Delmas / Bestimage ATTENTION – The article below contains mild spoilers, in that it reveals the cameo of Stan Lee in the feature film. So please pass your way if you want to know nothing, to better return to it once you’ve seen “Captain Marvel”. For the other, go after this tribute to the creator of the character. Had you noticed that ? Emissions Bonus there had been Spider-Man New Generation, released in mid-December. But Captain Marvel is the first installment of the MCU to achieve the dark rooms since the death of Stan Lee, which occurred on the 12th of November last. And moreover, it is with the writer, the face is inseparable from the House of Ideas, that begins the film, the sequence which leads to the logo, Marvel Studios is exclusively composed of pictures of him before as a carton comes to thank, first part of a tribute to two-time. The second half is a little more classic at first sight : while she pursues a Skrull in a subway train and tries to discover the appearance that the extra-terrestrial shapeshifter has taken. Hearing an old man read aloud, she lowers the book he is holding, to reveal the face of Stan Lee. Which is in the hands of the screenplay of Mallrats (Glandeurs in VF), a feature film from Kevin Smith released October 20, 1995 in the United States and in which appeared a certain… Stan Lee. At the time, the man who delivers this monologue with the character played by Jason Lee is not the icon that we know today, and that goes to say hello in all the films from the catalogue of Marvel since the first X-Men in 2000. Because in 1995, the House of Ideas is a year of the bankruptcy which it does not come, that thanks to the takeover by Toy Biz, which will be able to stabilize its expenses and save the brand from 1998, but also, in parallel to the launch of the line “Ultimate” on paper, signing agreements with various hollywood studios for screen adaptations of his comic books. There will be a first Blade and its pretty small success. Then X-Men, Spider-Man and, in 2008, Iron Man, the first stone of what will become the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With this cameo, Captain Marvel is a tribute to Stan Lee by making him play its own role and implicitly leaves offer a glimpse of the path traversed in the space of a quarter of a century, during which the House of Ideas went to hell and the roof of the world, each installment of the MCU, revealing itself to be able to attract viewers and dollars by the millions on its brand only. This, however, should not be the last appearance of the screenwriter on the big screen, since we should logically see it again in Avengers – Endgame on April 24, and then Spider-Man – Far From Home July 3. He would then make his farewell final to the fans, to the sides of the most famous of his creation, that he has already flanked seven times at the cinema, which would be a symbol as beautiful as moving.

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